Vector Seven Dark Metropolis (marble) 12"
Dark Metropolis (marble)

Vector Seven Dark Metropolis (marble) [Limited Edition] 12"

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Release Date: February 25, 2022

Vector Seven’s cyberpunk / synthwave opus entitled "Dark Metropolis" is a trailblaze pulsating album, that takes you on a ride through the metropolis driven by corrupted syndicates, cybernetic street gangers, and infinite hive wars. It is infinitely dark.

"Dark Metropolis" is one of Vector Seven’s most gritty album to date. Filled with possessed pulsating bass lines, intense captivating rhythms, and true cyber dimensional atmosphere. A craft done by a true cyberpunk Maestro.

180gram transparent red vinyl with black marbling.
Limited to 250 copies worldwide.
Comes in single cover sleeve with poly-lined inner sleeve.
Includes the bonus track "Braindance".
Played at 45 RPM.

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