Lueur Verte Crystalica (marble) 12"
Crystalica (marble)

Lueur Verte Crystalica (marble) [Limited Edition] 12"

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Release Date: February 25, 2022

Producer and artist Michaƫl Brun (LUEUR VERTE) is the mastermind behind Aphasia Records, who was among the first to discover artists such as Perturbator and Dynatron. Over the years LUEUR VERTE has released various remixes & singles, his latest single release "Tempesta" features the legendary MIAMI NIGHTS 1984.

PERTURBATOR did a remix of LUEUR VERTE'S song "Night Slasher II" from 2012, that appears on the album "B-sides and remixes, Vol. 1" from 2018.

LUEUR VERTE also appears on the track "Mirage" from PERTURBATOR'S album Terror 404.

LUEUR VERTE is the top notch of the grandiose, super high quality French synthwave / outrun genre, which puts him in a league of his own. A synthwave ICON.

Limited 12" crystal transparent vinyl with purple marbling.
Single cover sleeve with poly-lined inner sleeve.
180gram vinyl, limited to 250 copies worldwide.

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